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The vision of Mertes Internet Ministries is to make the World Wide Web become a method of communication for Christians to evangelize and preach the gospel around the World.

The World Wide Web, or Internet, is the information highway that is accessed by computer. It is a technology that allows electronic publishing of any material, written word, animation, audio and video. It is also a means of electronic message sending and receiving, another technology for commuication.

The World Wide Web is being developed at an extremely fast rate. As Christians we should be taking advantage of this technology. Many prophesies have gone forth about the Last Days and about the use of the Internet. The Spirit of God is moving visibly aro und the World signaling a time of unification among believers. We are stepping into an era in which communication is not only technologically simplified between nations, but the Love of God is prompting communication between denominations to focus on taking back our cities for Christ.

Internet ministries are appearing on the Internet offering texts of exhortation and education. They are also providing prayer request links to ask for prayer. Products and Services are advertised as well. The Trinity Broadcast Network and the Christian Broadcast Network both list their schedules, information about themselves and accept prayer requests from their World Wide Web pages.

A local church can start a World Wide Web ministry as a community service. It can describe itself and the activities occurring at it’s location. Last year the sale of personal computers rivaled the sale of automobiles in the United States suggesting that more and more church members are accessing the Internet. A Web site for your church can offer prayer requests that can receive messages 24 hours a day without a person having to answer the phone. Prayer counseling can be done from any location or time due to access to one’s own electronic mailbox, whether it is from home or the church office.

The Internet is a complex vast community of millions of computers with any subject under the Sun. I believe it is God’s desire that His light be prominent on the Internet to balance out the darkness there if not to dispel it completely. Please consider this proposal, it is an offer to help you build an Internet Ministry

If the Internet is too big and too full of the devil’s work, but your congregation utilizes computers to create teaching texts for bible classes and would also like to use Electronic mail, a computer Bulletin Board System would provide a secure closed system for this.

Mertes Internet Ministries provides the programming, training, computer software, and hardware services needed to get your systems on line. We also teach users how to send and receive email and ‘surf the net’ (use a Web browser to find other web pages to read and get information from). MIM is also prepared to program and service Web pages that you and your organization wish to minister with. Internet service can be obtained in almost any city in the United States. This form of ministry is a potential for every church. MIM would like to help you develop such a ministry and get online.