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MIM provides these links as examples of how other ministries are using the Internet to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. These links do not mean that MIM endorses or supports the teachings of these ministries, only their use of the Internet to fulfill the calling God has given them.

Special Ministries
Databases of Churches
Search Engines
Ministries hosted by MIM
All Around Cowboy Church
Good News Music, Johnny Saculla.
Mike Hammock
Justin Todd Herod
Man’s Only Hope
Candice Myers
Rope Myers
Rodeo Cowboys for Jesus
Rodeo Cowboy Ministries
Vaqueros En Cristo


Kenneth Hagin –
Kenneth Copeland Ministries –
Reinhard Bonnke –
Mark Brazee –
Rodney Howard Brown –
Billye Brim –
Charles Capps –
Carmen –
Ronnie Christian –
Cowboy Church Net –
Creflo Dollar –
Phil Driscoll –
Jesse Duplantis –
Family Faith Church –
Focus on The Family –
Mac Gober –
Marilyn Hickey –
Benny Hinn –
Coy Huffman –
International Convention of Faith –
Dennis Jernigan –
Mylon LeFevre –
Joyce Meyer –
Joel Osteen –
Bill Pantin –
Monty Price –
Ben Priest –
Frederick Price –
Oral Roberts –
Jerry Savelle –
R.W. Shambach –
Hilton Sutton World Ministries –
Casey Treat –
Ronnie Trice –

Others’ Lists of Ministries

Church Angel list of churches –
List of Cowboy Ministries and churches –
Jesus Folk –
Christian Cowboys and Friends’ Links –
Trinity Broadcasting Networks’ Links –
Trinity Broadcasting Networks’ Address book –
Fred Worth’s List –
Word of Life Church –
Christian Links’ Church listing –
HIS-Net Directories List –
Church on the Word’s list –

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