How To


This section of the Web Site contains several help documents. Use them to help discern how and why to start an Internet Ministry. Or just how to use the Internet to find what you are looking for.

If you need help on how to do something and there is not a help document here explaining it, just e-mail us and ask.

 Proposal to Churches This is an introduction to what the Internet is and why you should use it.
 The W Matrix Some hard questions that will help you design your web site.
 How to start a Web Ministry This four page document explains the things you will need to build a web site and then asks you to consider what God would have you do with a web site.
 How to find an Internet Service Provider Some resources to help you find a company to help you access the Internet.
 Questions to ask an Internet Service Provider Questions for a company providing Internet access.
 What is a Search Engine Search Engines help you try and find information that is out on the Internet. This is an introduction on how they work.
 A ‘Form’ to submit your URL to a Search Engine. A Tool built for Mertes Internet Construction Co. for employees to use when submitting a new web site URL to search engines.
 Background Colors A multi frame page showing background colors that show black text well.
 Buying a Computer A text written to a client asking what kind of computer to buy.
 Spelling Checkers Can you trust your spelling checker?