This is a tool built to help Mertes Internet keep track of the web sites submitted to the major search engines. The left column is the link to the engine’s add a link site. The right column is the link to the engine’s main search the web page.

Simply put the URL of your web site and your e-mail address into the box, then use the links and boxes to document the engine’s you made submissions to. When you submit the form it will be sent to Mertes Internet. If you have supplied your e-mail address the completed form will be e-mailed back to you.

You can also print the page out and write in the date of submission and then not have to submit it to Mertes Internet.

Submissions made to the checked engines for the URL: 

Christian Search Engines

     CrossSearch (CS). Online Christian Resource Directory. A Service of Gospel Communications Network (GCN). A Ministry of Gospel Films, Inc.

     Gospel Communications Network is a ministry of Gospel Films, Inc. The home of Christian Computing Magazine. They use CrossSearch as a search enginge.

       Global Christian Network ‘s search page.
      The Global Christian Network (GCN) is a Christian-based world community. Its primary means of building community is through the Internet. Already one of the largest sites on the Internet, GCN is exploding everyday. People are being saved, ministered to, comforted and educated about the Gospel and the Church. GCN has become a true Christian based community.

         Fishnet is a full service Internet Service Provider hosting some of my favorite ministries. They provide Domain Name hosting, Secured Online ordering, Real Audio and Video hosting. They even provide E-mail list sending.

           Christian World Online Services, headquartered in Valparaiso, Indiana, serves the Christian online market by focusing its resources on the delivery of fast, reliable Christian content and valuable information on the Internet that satisfies its viewers’ needs by providing dedicated, responsive customer care. In late August, 1998, we changed our focus from general content provider to a Christian web search engine, allowing us to link you to Christian sites around the world.

             Alta Vista (Web search)
            Alta Vista provides simple and advanced searches on the largest Web index: 31 million pages found on 627,000 servers, and 4 million articles from 14,000 Usenet news groups. Because of the extensiveness of its database, Alta Vista excels at finding obsure bits of information virtually anywhere on the web.

              Excite tracks down information by searching for concepts, not just by keywords using a search technology called Intelligent Concept Extraction. It claims to search the full text of 50 million web pages, 60,000 categorized Web site reviews, and thousands of recent Usenet postings. Excite is among the best of the search engines at staying current.

                A joint venture between Inktomi and Hotwired, HotBot is a full-text search engine powered by the Inktomi parallel-processing search engine. HotBot claims to index over 54 million Web pages and promises to index 100% of the Web and Usenet news and mailing lists. HotBot offers the ability to search by date, resource (Java, Shockwave, VRML, etc.) and location. It supports Boolean AND/OR/NOT and phrase searching. In addition, it provides relevance feedback with each retrieval. Below is the simple search form for HotBot, you can go to the original site for additional search options.

                  Infoseek offers two distinct search services: Ultrasmart and Ultraseek. Both services are powered by Infoseek's Ultra technology and allow users to choose the appropriate search mode depending on the level of assistance they need. Ultrasmart lets users to find sites, topics, news and more. Ultraseek offers what claims to be the fastest, most comprehensive and accurate search engine on the net.

                    Lycos is one of the oldest Web search sites, and one of the best Internet search engines in both quality of information and relevancy of hits. It is a comprehensive catalog of Internet with more than 50 million URLs. Lycos is a unique search site because it has large number of binary files in its database, including GIF, JPEG, wav, and MPEG files. It also indexes FTP archives and Gopher menus, giving its index greater depth than most other search engines.

                       Northern Lights
                      Northern Light is a search service that saves busy people time by providing the quality information needed to meet the challenges of modern living. We accomplish this with Custom Search Folders, premium quality sources, and an integrated results list of Web and premium information.

                         Web Crawler
                        Webcrawler builds on the philosophy: keep the database lean and display a clean list of results. To compile its database, WebCrawler surveys the entire Web, evaluating the popularity of each site and storing only the contents of pages that seem well traveled. It currently covers about 500,000 Web pages. WebCrawler returns the title of the Web page, but without a summary of description.

                          To add a URL to Yahoo, you must first find the category you wish to add your web site to.
                          Yahoo is a hierarchical subject-oriented guide for the World Wide Web and Internet. Yahoo lists sites and categorizes them into appropriate subject categories. Yahoo is arguably the pioneer Internet guide.

                            Magellan: McKinley's Internet Directory
                            Magellan is a subject directory of reviewed and rated Internet sites, with a “green light” rating given to sites that are apparently free of adult conent. Sites are annotated.

                            A2Z is a subject directory of the world’s favoriate Internet resources. It is built using the Lycos spinder seeking out the most linked-to sites on the Net. Every site in the directory has description written about it by A2Z staff editors. You are sent to the Lycos site to add a URL to A2Z.

                              TradeWave Galaxy
                              Tradewave Galaxy is another subject guide to worldwide information and services.